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Hello Deb.


Every once in a while, we stumble upon the perfect opportunity for career growth.

For me, that time has come with A+E for the role of SVP Global Content Sales.  I have deep experience developing, producing, pitching and licensing content and channels for linear and streaming worldwide. I've also co-starred in a docuseries with Montel Williams, all of which make me an ideal match for this role. I've always admired A+E for its content, brand and especially its people. It is a place I would love to work. 


Your partnership with Kim Kardashian's SKNN brand is a great example of how to unlock the power of the creator market. For too long, influencers have not had a way to seamlessly move their fans from YouTube or TikTok to a landing page or app download where they can truly own and monetize their customers. Flowcode is the perfect solution.

SKNN by Kim FC Billboard.png

I've used Instagram Stories to push millions of fans to download apps for major brands, and have engaged hundreds of millions of fans with brands through interactive TV. I am an expert at converting consumers from offline, video and social media into deeper digital experiences. I have strong relationships with the leadership of major influencer agencies, direct response and brand agencies and entertainment companies.


As your CBO, I will fully unlock opportunities worldwide in the creator industry, direct response and brand agencies, sports, retail, CPG, television and other verticals by digging deep into your data to create USPs that other competitors can't match and doing what I do best: building lasting, profitable partnerships. 

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My Story

I am an entrepreneur and executive who has founded or accelerated more than 20 tech and content companies in six countries, two of which combined have sold for over $300 million. I have been involved in telecom, media and technology for more than 20 years, since I first built a reseller channel and global supply chain network for Intel in Latin America, generating over $1 billion of product sales per year in new business for the computing giant.

I was the first in the world outside of Japan to launch e-commerce on mobile phones with Amazon, 2nd in the US to launch premium mobile services with short codes with Viacom and launched the 1st interactive TV app with NBC and AT&T for Nokia. I also led the launch of a B2B SaaS media app platform that I sold into media companies, sports organizations and live events in more than 90 countries, powered by Google Cloud. I've launched games for the metaverse with NFTs and am now developing AI toolsets to accelerate feature film development and virtual production. I have been at the forefront of media and tech innovation my entire career.

I earned my MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and have a proven track record driving value through content, distribution, advertising, technology and consumer products, leveraging my C-level network. I would be an asset to Flowcode as your Chief Business Officer and am excited to get started. Let's talk!


Contact me for an interview today at 646-220-0135 or by email at

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